Synchronicity… In the End

I have always felt that Spirit communicates with me through music. Sometimes a song is written, and I just feel I couldn’t have written it any better. It goes much deeper than that, of course. We know about 11:11, but signs from Spirit are everywhere. The most obvious to me are musical.

I am struggling with the direction of this blog, with the focus of my purpose. I have many stories to tell. Some aren’t so pleasant. I do not want this blog weighed down by negativity of things that happened in the past.

In the car the other day, I thought of things to write about. I feel compelled to write about my toxic relationship, but to what degree? I thought of one of those ‘perfect songs’ from that time in my life. That’s when I got my answer…. the very next song was indeed, “In the End” by Linkin Park. Perhaps I will write a book and put those stories there.

Since then, there has been an explosion of synchronicities in my world. Seeing number sequences, coincidental posts on Facebook, chance conversations with inspirational people. Confirmation I am on the right track.

Be willing to ask Spirit for answers you seek. Be open to seeing the signs, because In the End… Synchronicity.


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