Why Should I “Have To” Drink?

I took my husband to the dentist today. He was put under anesthesia to have some work done, so he needed me to drive him. The dental assistants brought him out in a wheelchair. They said he was talking about wanting ice cream. I said I could drop him off at home and run to Kroger close to our house for him.

That’s when it got a little weird. One of the office assistants mentioned I will probably need to stop “for a little something” for myself. Of course I knew what she meant. I should stop at the liquor store so I could get booze to ‘deal with my husband.’ I laughed and pointed out that I could get “what I need” at Kroger also. We all laughed that it is “one stop shopping!”

I could have broke down in tears easily. Recovery is so hard sometimes. I am feeling strong on this Day 135, so instead I went along with their jokes. I figured why bring their moods down, when they are just trying to laugh through their days like I do.

It really bothers me that we live in a society that almost forces the booze down my throat, but I refuse to give in. Not today, Satan.


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