All Planets Direct

The phrase Mercury Retrograde has certainly gained a lot of traction in the mainstream as more people find their voice. The truth is all the planets have a retrograde period. Retrogrades happen as an illusion. Of course the planets don’t actually change direction. Sometimes they appear to, because of the speed of each planet, and ultimately Astrology is all about the vantage point from Earth.

Mercury Retrogrades happen multiple times a year because its orbit is so short. Venus and Mars are about every other year, being the planets closest to us. The farther out planets, however, spend up to half of every year in apparent retrograde motion. 

That’s what makes this time period special. When Mercury ended its last Retro on January 8th, it marked the beginning of about a month where all planets are in direct motion. Jupiter will begin it’s next Retro on February 6th.

When a planet is Retro, it is said to pull the energies within. Mercury helps us assess our communications. Venus, our relationships and what we take pleasures in. Each planet influences something in us.

All planets being direct suggests we should feel free to take our chances in life. The universe is supporting us in a big way right now. So let’s enjoy. 💚


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