The Cusp is an Illusion.

If your birthday is between the 19-24th of the month, you have probably heard you were born on the cusp. I sure have, as I was born on the 22nd. It is said that we have a blend of the two energies. I bought into it, because I could see what they were saying. A Leo/Virgo. 

But then I really started learning astrology. I no longer buy into the cusp theory. I get the physicality behind it. There is a brief period where the planet crosses the plane (cusp) and is kinda straddling the two signs. I can admit that. So maybe the last degree and the first degree, but…

When learning astrology, it is said that the very first and very last degree of a sign are the strongest. The sign begins at 0°00 and is known as Critical degrees, the purest form of the sign. The sign ends at 29°59. The 29th degree is known as Anaretic. It is explained like the sign is strongest there, and trying to squeeze every ounce left before it moves on. To me, this goes against the cusp theory. It is either one sign or the next.

So why do I feel the blend of energies then?

We are not just our Sun signs. We are a blend of all the signs to some extent. When our other planets and points are placed in signs different than our Sun our energies reflect this. 

The planets Mercury and Venus are inside Earth’s orbit so long story short they stay real close with the Sun in the charts. They can only be so far away so they are often found in your Sun’s sign, the one before, or the one after. 

The planet Mercury is said to influence mental functions/communications. I have my Mercury strongly placed in Virgo. This explains why I have Virgo tendencies. I am very much a Leo on the surface (Sun) who thinks and communicates (Mercury) like a Virgo.

Astrology goes deep. It really does. But it makes for great life-long learning and awareness. If I were born just four hours later I would then be a Virgo. But I’m not. I’m definitely Leo. *with Virgo tendencies. 😉


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