Star-Struck and Eclipsed!

When you wish upon a star…..

On Saturday, February 11 at 00:33 UT (February 10, 7:33pm EST) we will have our first eclipse of four in 2017. This Full Moon Eclipse falls on the axis of 22Ā°28 Leo/Aquarius. It is a beautiful chart, with many layers. I have set this chart for my local time. Depends where you are it may be rotated to some degree, but we will all see the same star formation in the chart.

Usually the New Moon is a time for wishes, but this is one time when we can use this Full Moon for a specific wish. If there is something in your life you want to change or need to let go of, now is the perfect time. No matter how hard you feel this change might be, whether its a job or a relationship, or some habit, now is the time to let go.

The Full Moon is traditionally the time to release and let go of that which no longer serves us. Given the planets involved in the Star formation it is definitely time. The Sun reflects who we are on the surface. The Moon influences our emotions. Uranus is a game-changer and Jupiter expands that which it touches. At the apex of the Star we find Saturn, who is all about discipline, to add staying power to whatever changes we make now.

I wrote the other day how Tom Brady has this in his natal chart, and how through the transits he became the Star once again on Super Bowl Sunday. It is time for us to shine. 

Speaking of shining, another layer to this chart is a Kite formation. Sun/Moon opposition, with that triangle (Grand Trine) of Moon, Saturn and Uranus. This features the Sun as the apex. Shine bright, and send your wish upon the Star, to let go. 


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