Feeling Free

I have been studying astrology for over five years now. I was sure to use my time as noted on my certificate and learned as much as I could about that chart. I came to identify so strongly with it…. for the most part. As I wrote yesterday, I have decided to test a theory. What if I were actually born four minutes earlier?

This gives a new chart. Not much changes, but a couple things change in a big way. The more I look into the changes, the stronger I identify with this new chart. This new persona. Being Pisces Rising, maybe I really do have the heart of a mermaid. 

I was living a conflicted life, which got even more conflicting the more I learned astrology. Maybe I knew deep inside I’m not Aries Rising. Since I changed the time in my Astro account and began to identify with this chart, I feel myself opening up and feeling free like never before. Just in time for Leo Season, my favorite. 😉


2 thoughts on “Feeling Free

  1. I know what you mean! My rising sign is 1° Capricorn according to my potentially rounded birth time of 10:40 a.m. I’ve spoken to a couple of nurses and I’ve been told that doctors round the birth time on birth certificates a lot of the time. I always resonated with being a Sagittarius rising mostly because I used to think I was born at 10:30. But then I found my BC and discovered my mom was off by 10 min and I am in fact a Capricorn rising, with Jupiter now in my first house (maybe that’s why I felt like a Sagittarius Rising). But either way this is frustrating. I almost wish I was born closer to 11 or 10 because then if it was rounded it wouldn’t really matter that much! Anyway I just discovered your blog and your Facebook page. Your content is very refreshing.

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