Tarot Tutor: II – The High Priestess

II – The High Priestess/The Princess of Ixchel

The High Priestess is all about intuition. When she appears, it is time to go within. Be patient as hidden secrets can be revealed. Spirituality is heavily associated with this card. She typically wears a crucifix on her neck and some kind of Goddess headdress, most likely Isis inspired. Normally the card will feature two pillars, perhaps one darker than the other. This signifies the need to find balance. Darkness/light. Masculine/feminine. Peace/severity. It can be a time of creativity, of creating yourself. Opening to spirituality or a time of learning.

The Black Widow spider is the Animal Totem of The High Priestess. He lives a recluse life, active more at night. He minds his own web and just lives his own Divine life. The High Priestess is in tune with the Moon and Moonstone. The Divine Feminine. It can note a fertile time, whether a pregnancy or a project.

The people born with the Life Path number 2 fall under the watch of The High Priestess. They are creative, independent, and self-resourceful. Balance and harmony are extremely important to them. They are very perceptive to vibes.

If your Growth Symbol this year is #2 The High Priestess, this is a year of finding out who is who. It is advised to not marry in this year, as this will be a year of strong independence. You will find you have little tolerance for restrictions of any kind. It is possible to create a new identity this year, as balance and harmony become so important. You may find yourself withdrawing from disharmonious environments and people. đź’š



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