Time for Business!

This has been such a weird journey. I started this blog and its Facebook page over three years ago. I had no goals in mind. Just going with the flow, and following my inner guidance.

I am building my own business doing jewelry, astrology, and card reading, and writing when I feel I have something to say. I have been wanting to offer a website and online store of my own, and am doing things that can lead to that. I recently started CBD oil and am looking to affiliate with companies to make it available to order from me.

In the meantime, I am pleased to announce affiliation with The Mystical Moon Store. They have locations in Florida, but their online store is amazing!! Crystals, sage, candles, oils, books, Tarot/Oracle cards… pretty much all the things. Check it out!

The Mystical Moon Store


Looking at the Big Picture.

My professional life, such as it is, has been a whirlwind of both chaos and amazing in the last couple years. Serious ups and downs. From losing my 5th job in seven years because of drinking… to not drinking and owning an international business. It can be said I am an international jewelry designer now, By the Indigo Moon, LLC. My astrology page, The Sober Astrologer, is reaching 1,000 likes on Facebook. There was a recent time I wanted to stop all of this, but I received strong support from people around the world asking me to keep going. Thank you. 🙏

Looking at current transits, and looking back at the last couple years, the inconsistency makes sense. I’ve “been in business” nine months now, but I’m still $1,000 in the red. Mostly the legal fees and office set-up costs. I just haven’t got with it fully yet. I get in my own way and hold myself back. I struggle to determine my worth for astrology teachings and card readings.

Three of the four points on the chart are my natals: Mars/IC/Jupiter, Saturn/Sun, and MC. Uranus in transit completes this kite. It has been in effect for a couple years now at varying strengths. It was destined/determined by the North Node transiting Leo, and solidified by Saturn’s transit in late Sagittarius. And now I feel it being energized by this current Mars transit, approaching my MC at 29° Sagittarius. It’s time for me to fly. 😍🙏

If you wish to support my work going forward, I am looking into Patreon options. Also, I have a PayPal account for donations: PayPal here.

Cheers to Three Years.

I almost forgot to acknowledge this date, February 20. It was three years ago I started this blog and my Facebook page to support it. It too was called By the Indigo Moon, like this blog. I added LLC to it last year when I obtained the status.

What a wild ride it has been the last three years. I had just lost my third job in this city due to my drinking problem. I ‘tried to quit’ but started drinking again in my binge patterns after 5 months. I had an ER visit and now have lifetime health issues due to irresponsible drinking. I lost two more jobs because of my drinking. I made the choice again Labor Day 2016 that I was done, at all costs. I haven’t had a job since then. I am on meds to help anxiety and PTSD, which I know now is the main trigger to me drinking. I was briefly off meds and relapsed once last summer. My new sober date is July 8, 2017.

Three years ago I started this blog because I wanted to write about my life, mixed with some astrology. I was soon inspired to start working with crystals, which led to Spiritual Medium classes and Reiki Mastership, and now I have my own business to make Reiki bracelets and read Oracles and Tarot.

I quickly became uninspired to write for a lot of reasons; looking back it was possibly my Neptune Square fogging over my direction. This is now finally complete. His next Retro will come very close, but it won’t exact again. It could also be that I was trying to take on the world, spreading my energy too thin. I find my head clearing. I am learning my boundaries and what I need to do moving forward.

Crystal Wisdom Oracle 2/1

ROSE QUARTZ- unconditional love

Unconditional love is the greatest gift you can give to yourself or others.”

Forgive yourself. Love and beauty approach. Loneliness is at an end. Emotional blockages dissolve. Do not accept blame. Recognize that unconditional love and friendship draw exactly the right people to you. Once you love yourself, you can give and receive love from others. Support is available in a crisis. 💚

*Rose Quartz is full of unconditional love and infinite peace. It draws loving relationships to you, heals past emotional traumas, or or provides support during a crisis.

The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle by Judy Hall

Crystal Wisdom Oracle 1/31

TRIGONIC QUARTZ- the soul’s code

“Your soul provides everything you need for well being.”

Recognize the multidimensional depth of your own soul. Remain honest to achieve success. Reach beyond apparent reality and karma, let go of conflicts. Renegotiate soul contracts; heal soul traumas and the etheric blueprint. Expel toxins from the physical and subtle bodies to download higher-frequency spiritual energies and integrate the lightbody. 💚

*Trigonics hold the secrets of the universe and rapidly expand your awareness of multidimensions. Trigonics are cosmic coding for the soul.

The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle by Judy Hall

Crystal Wisdom Oracle 1/30

CARNELIAN- creativity

“Sufficient vitamins and minerals support your metabolism for optimum well-being.”

Be eloquent, creative, and bold. Do not back down. Trust your intuitive perceptions. Distinction in your career lies ahead. Be a mentor. Alleviate stress, take time to play. You are a tower of strength during sorrow. Stay anchored in the present. Let go of emotional ties or outdated projects holding you back. Beware a charismatic person. 💚

*Carnelian protects against “glamours” (spells), envy, and the Evil Eye. Bringing good fortune to the wearer, it prevents blood from rushing to the head to cause precipitate action.

Crystal Wisdom Oracle 1/28

RHODOCROSITE- the heart reviver

“Releasing resentment from your heart creates well-being.”

Time for a change of viewpoint! Begin to see the gifts in your experiences rather than seeing the negative effects. Check out whether what you were taught in childhood is still relevant to the person you are today. 💚

*Rhodocrosite teaches the heart to assimilate painful feelings without shutting down. Dissolving denial and identifying ongoing detrimental patterns, it offers compassionate love and forgiveness. You face the truth with loving awareness.

The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle by Judy Hall.

Crystal Wisdom Oracle 1/27

GARNET- passion

“Finding an outlet for your passions and emotions creates well-being.”

Take action now. A mystery is solved. Have courage. There is a way out. Turn a crisis into a learning challenge. If danger approaches, stay calm-you are protected. Be emotionally honest with yourself and others. You may attract a partner for sexual healing. Make no long-term commitment, as it may fizzle out once the purpose is fulfilled. 💚

*Garnet is a rejuvenating stone, believed to protect against evil and terrifying dreams and to attract love.

The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle by Judy Hall

Crystal Wisdom Oracle 1/26

LAVENDER ARAGONITE- environmental healing

If your environment is unhealthy and disharmonious, it cannot support well-being. Transform it and well-being returns.”

Become a vehicle for the healing of the environment by opening yourself up to higher vibrational energies. Do not participate in anything that despoils the planet or diminishes its resources. Work with your power animal and nourish your inner being. Take no risks and avoid excesses.💚

*Lavender Aragonite heals your personal environment and Earth’s meridian grid and raises the vibration of the planet.

Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle by Judy Hall

Crystal Wisdom Oracle 1/25

KAMBABA JASPERancient echoes

By changing how you view things, you dramatically improve your well being.”

Getting in touch with the ancestors and understanding the processes of creation helps you to recognize the value of recycling the past to create a more potent future. Check out what has passed down the ancestral line and utilize homeopathic healing for miasms such as tuberculosis. 💚

*Kambaba Jasper attunes your personal biorhythms to the natural cycles of the planet. This crystal also facilitates deep clearing of your karmic body and the ancestral line.

The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle by Judy Hall