A Puerto Rican Soul…

I am not quite like Rachel Dolezal, the woman who famously fronted to be black and received NAACP status. However, I can almost relate to her. I am considered to be a white girl. American. Caucasian. Whatever. I am very well aware and not in denial. I do embrace fully who and what I am. I do not pretend to be Latina for any reason. I know I was born in the United States, a product of two ‘white’ people.

Those two white people were stationed together at the now-defunct Roosevelt Roads Naval Base in Puerto Rico. I was conceived in late November. My mother stayed on the Island until June before I was born in August. This means I spent much of my time in utero in Puerto Rico.

I am convinced this has had an effect on me. A very obvious effect, my entire life. I may have been born in an area where there are all four seasons, but I am not and never will be “used to it.” I carry earmuffs sometimes nine months out of the year because I am that sensitive to cold. I have always been obsessed with Island Life and Latin America. I have always been naturally drawn to the Spanish language and am very good with it. People sometimes ask if I am Argentinian because my accent isn’t of the typical American speaking Spanish.

I realized at one point a couple years ago that it literally calms my soul to be immersed in the Spanish language. This makes me wonder… Could it be said that I have a Latina soul? I have asked Spirit (God) to clarify at times. I received my confirmation this morning.

I woke up out of the blue at one point, like many of us do overnight. I looked at my phone not for time or for social media purposes, but to check the radar. Hurricane María had been expected to make landfall in Puerto Rico in the overnight hours. This is a captured image taken around the time I woke up…

I pray for my Motherland, and for its people. I will be actively sending Reiki to them. If you are attuned, I ask that you do the same. And of course for so many other places that mean so much to so many. It has been rough out there lately. 💚