Selenite: Spiritual Awakening

It is so weird out there right now, and this is so needed. As I have said before, I try to take my Oracles very serious. I won’t post something until my energy is at a certain level within myself. I need to feel centered and able to focus entirely. I know the messages aren’t just for me. They are meant for all of us. But much like a translator, I need to understand what’s going on before I try to speak up.

That said, I actually pulled the top Selenite card last week Friday. I got caught up in errands and never came back to center really until now. Meanwhile, I pulled a second card Saturday. I was going to attempt a combo reading, but I pulled Selenite from that deck too! I got all kinds of flustered for direction. A page I follow often does pulls for followers. She pulled Selenite from her deck yesterday for me. That is three days in a row!!!!

In the hours since the third card was drawn, #MeToo has become a thing. Like many, I am taken by how many voices I have heard! And it is not just ladies. Guys as well.

Selenite energy is truly needed, maybe now more than ever. Spiritual Awakening. We are truly one. I am so touched by how many have reached out to me or otherwise shown support. Not just for me. For each other. People helping people. Guys and gals. Friends… Family. I can almost guarantee you that many of who are touched by #MeToo have been affected by their own blood. Or step/blended families. Those who are supposed to fight FOR us. But we find that those truly in our corner often times are not of your blood or sometimes even your race. This is a global thing.

We ALL need healing of some form. Maybe yours wasn’t sexual. Emotional neglect and/or abuse is another monster so common. So many forms. Maybe you are lucky in the sense that your difficulties came later in life, as an adult more able to face challenges. No doubt you need some form of comfort and support, also.

Selenite is perhaps my favorite stone. I love others, but this one works to balance and cleanse all the chakras. There are other stones that do, as well, but really I think out of those only Selenite and Kyanite cleanse themselves. They disperse the energies instead of accumulating them and needing work to clear later.

In the ancient world, Selenite protected against “wanderings of the mind.” It invokes mental clarity and divine inspiration. Allow the medicine of this powerful light-saver of universal energy to send the energy into your Crown Chakra, to bathe your aura in the loving healing energy of the cosmos, to clear away the old and to make way for new vibrant energies and a deeper spiritual connection. 💚