Astrology of the MVP

Tom Brady was destined to be a Star. It was written in the stars. The planets, actually. The planetary alignment in his birth chart shows a Star pattern. Some people call it a pentagram, but that carries negative connotations.

A simple search shows Tom Brady was born August 3, 1977 at 11:48am in San Mateo, California. I love that the time is disclosed because that gives us the full chart with Ascendant and houses.

The Star has his Sun at the pinnacle, 11° Leo in the 10th house. The other points of the Star form a rectangle: Neptune at 13° Sagittarius opposite Mars at 11° Gemini. Pluto at 11° Libra opposite Moon at 6° Aries. Neptune and Pluto are sextile, as are Moon and Mars. Mars and Pluto sextile Sun. Moon and Neptune form a Grand Trine with his Sun completing the Star.

After such an unreal game, I was compelled to check the transits for when the Super Bowl was scheduled to begin.

The first thing that grabs my attention was that the moon is at 11°11 Gemini. Numerology is a whole different subject, I just thought it was cool to add that bit for effect.

But really though, it is definitely a big deal that we see Mars at 6° Aries and Moon at 11° Gemini. If we apply the transits to Tom’s chart we see they are mutually receptive. Transiting Mars on his Moon and transiting Moon on his Mars. Both are pretty exact, and take place in his beautiful Star chart. Also we see transiting Sun is about exactly trine to his North Node/Ascendant. Shining the light on his destiny this magical night.