Selenite: Spiritual Awakening

It is so weird out there right now, and this is so needed. As I have said before, I try to take my Oracles very serious. I won’t post something until my energy is at a certain level within myself. I need to feel centered and able to focus entirely. I know the messages aren’t just for me. They are meant for all of us. But much like a translator, I need to understand what’s going on before I try to speak up.

That said, I actually pulled the top Selenite card last week Friday. I got caught up in errands and never came back to center really until now. Meanwhile, I pulled a second card Saturday. I was going to attempt a combo reading, but I pulled Selenite from that deck too! I got all kinds of flustered for direction. A page I follow often does pulls for followers. She pulled Selenite from her deck yesterday for me. That is three days in a row!!!!

In the hours since the third card was drawn, #MeToo has become a thing. Like many, I am taken by how many voices I have heard! And it is not just ladies. Guys as well.

Selenite energy is truly needed, maybe now more than ever. Spiritual Awakening. We are truly one. I am so touched by how many have reached out to me or otherwise shown support. Not just for me. For each other. People helping people. Guys and gals. Friends… Family. I can almost guarantee you that many of who are touched by #MeToo have been affected by their own blood. Or step/blended families. Those who are supposed to fight FOR us. But we find that those truly in our corner often times are not of your blood or sometimes even your race. This is a global thing.

We ALL need healing of some form. Maybe yours wasn’t sexual. Emotional neglect and/or abuse is another monster so common. So many forms. Maybe you are lucky in the sense that your difficulties came later in life, as an adult more able to face challenges. No doubt you need some form of comfort and support, also.

Selenite is perhaps my favorite stone. I love others, but this one works to balance and cleanse all the chakras. There are other stones that do, as well, but really I think out of those only Selenite and Kyanite cleanse themselves. They disperse the energies instead of accumulating them and needing work to clear later.

In the ancient world, Selenite protected against “wanderings of the mind.” It invokes mental clarity and divine inspiration. Allow the medicine of this powerful light-saver of universal energy to send the energy into your Crown Chakra, to bathe your aura in the loving healing energy of the cosmos, to clear away the old and to make way for new vibrant energies and a deeper spiritual connection. πŸ’š


A Puerto Rican Soul…

I am not quite like Rachel Dolezal, the woman who famously fronted to be black and received NAACP status. However, I can almost relate to her. I am considered to be a white girl. American. Caucasian. Whatever. I am very well aware and not in denial. I do embrace fully who and what I am. I do not pretend to be Latina for any reason. I know I was born in the United States, a product of two ‘white’ people.

Those two white people were stationed together at the now-defunct Roosevelt Roads Naval Base in Puerto Rico. I was conceived in late November. My mother stayed on the Island until June before I was born in August. This means I spent much of my time in utero in Puerto Rico.

I am convinced this has had an effect on me. A very obvious effect, my entire life. I may have been born in an area where there are all four seasons, but I am not and never will be “used to it.” I carry earmuffs sometimes nine months out of the year because I am that sensitive to cold. I have always been obsessed with Island Life and Latin America. I have always been naturally drawn to the Spanish language and am very good with it. People sometimes ask if I am Argentinian because my accent isn’t of the typical American speaking Spanish.

I realized at one point a couple years ago that it literally calms my soul to be immersed in the Spanish language. This makes me wonder… Could it be said that I have a Latina soul? I have asked Spirit (God) to clarify at times. I received my confirmation this morning.

I woke up out of the blue at one point, like many of us do overnight. I looked at my phone not for time or for social media purposes, but to check the radar. Hurricane MarΓ­a had been expected to make landfall in Puerto Rico in the overnight hours. This is a captured image taken around the time I woke up…

I pray for my Motherland, and for its people. I will be actively sending Reiki to them. If you are attuned, I ask that you do the same. And of course for so many other places that mean so much to so many. It has been rough out there lately. πŸ’š

The Day I Defied Death, Twice

This day may as well be my new birthday. It was on this date in two different years of my life that I defied death.

July 24, 2002. I would classify this as a Near-Death Experience. Long story short, I was with my ex-boyfriend at the time. He choked me in an argument, and I lost consciousness. I did not see light or anything like that, not that I remember. But what I do remember is blackness, with my Self-talk saying I have to get back to my best friend. “I gotta get back to Tani,” just over and over until it did lighten up as I fully regained consciousness. I was re-born that day, as I realized I do have true purpose in this world. That I am important to my best friend and he needed me back by his side.

July 24, 2016. Completely different experience. Completely different life. But anxiety likely related to that past relationship had grown and taken its toll. I lost my way, and kind of drifted along. Tani is still very much my best friend, but he has grown into himself now. I also have importance to my niece, but she is far away too, as Tani is. I was lost in the bottle. Binge drinking for 6+ years.

This day was the last day of my last mega-binge. I drank a lot over the last 2-3 days. I did work my bartending shifts, but my self-care lacked. I didn’t eat much, and I didn’t stop for water breaks during my busy shifts. So I basically was drinking coffee or alcohol. Straight.

As I closed my shift that Saturday night, I took one shot and went home. I was doing laundry that night, but I also had a bottle of apple vodka in the laundry room. I would take a shot, or a second one, as I flipped the loads. Next thing you know, I am passed out on the floor of my dining room bar.

I took a nap and powered up for our traditional Sunday Fundays at our pool. I realized I actually drank about half that bottle in about 3-4 hours the night before. The shot glass was actually more like 2-2.5 shots. But in my mind, “it was only one.”

What felt like a normal hangover eventually proved to be much worse. I went to the ER days later to find all kinds of internal damage. I have had a few drinking episodes since, a total of five, and I now realize that I cannot drink ever again because it aggravates the damage done back then.

I was re-born into someone who (obviously) cannot drink, but can help others find their way, be it via learning their birth chart, finding stones that resonate, making pretty things, Reiki, giving Tarot/Oracle readings…. Or maybe just being awesome. It is Leo Season, after all.

The Waiting Game…

A lot has changed in a short time. I last wrote about my beautiful transiting kite, lasting most of the rest of the year. It was almost like an affirmation; an intention. 

Since then, I got such good response from the bracelet I made. Friends commissioned me to make them one. I did, specific to each person. They love it so much I’ve decided to try this seriously, Reiki jewelry. A perfect way to create income from home, while I write when inspired. It is going over so well that my husband and I have decided to look into making it a fully legit business. We have talked to our accountant. She recommended her attorney. ….And now we wait.

Why wait? Mercury Retrograde. It is advised to not sign documents during this time. We can also extend that to opening a separate bank account. I feel so impatient, as is he. But it is only a week and a half. Just frustrating. In the meantime, I can work on building an inventory, and research things I need to know. Wholesale costs, etsy, PayPal, shipping…  

I have also very much increased activity on my Facebook page, By the Indigo Moon. I feel I have truly found purpose for once in my life, to help people learn about astrology and crystal healing. I also add some Oracle/Tarot, random humor, general positivity and spirituality. If you would like to learn these things, come fly with me there. πŸ’šπŸ’š

Because Why Not Do It All?

I haven’t written lately. Not because there hasn’t been anything to write about, but rather because I have so much I could write about. Life. Sobriety. Crystals. Astrology. I have put enormous pressure on myself to choose a focus. Even a primary focus. But I had a shift lately, as they say. I realize I could do it all. So, why not?

A couple years ago, I compulsively bought several types of stone beads. I love crystal therapy, and wanted to make jewelry. But as usual, I hit a creative block and they sat in the basement. Until yesterday. I reunited with my favorite Reiki classmate. We talked astrology, and he taught me how to make bracelets. 

*The color is modified by Instagram. The stones I used are blue apatite, goldstone, howlite skulls, and lava stones. 

I put essential oil on the lava stone. It soaks up the oil for easy, on-the-go diffusion. It wears off in a couple days, then I can do it again and change the scent if I choose.

I am a Reiki Master, so I infused the bracelet with Reiki. It feels empowering. I am inspired, for the first time maybe ever. I can’t wait to see what more I will create. Because why not do it all.πŸ’š