Time for Business!

This has been such a weird journey. I started this blog and its Facebook page over three years ago. I had no goals in mind. Just going with the flow, and following my inner guidance.

I am building my own business doing jewelry, astrology, and card reading, and writing when I feel I have something to say. I have been wanting to offer a website and online store of my own, and am doing things that can lead to that. I recently started CBD oil and am looking to affiliate with companies to make it available to order from me.

In the meantime, I am pleased to announce affiliation with The Mystical Moon Store. They have locations in Florida, but their online store is amazing!! Crystals, sage, candles, oils, books, Tarot/Oracle cards… pretty much all the things. Check it out!

The Mystical Moon Store


Looking at the Big Picture.

My professional life, such as it is, has been a whirlwind of both chaos and amazing in the last couple years. Serious ups and downs. From losing my 5th job in seven years because of drinking… to not drinking and owning an international business. It can be said I am an international jewelry designer now, By the Indigo Moon, LLC. My astrology page, The Sober Astrologer, is reaching 1,000 likes on Facebook. There was a recent time I wanted to stop all of this, but I received strong support from people around the world asking me to keep going. Thank you. 🙏

Looking at current transits, and looking back at the last couple years, the inconsistency makes sense. I’ve “been in business” nine months now, but I’m still $1,000 in the red. Mostly the legal fees and office set-up costs. I just haven’t got with it fully yet. I get in my own way and hold myself back. I struggle to determine my worth for astrology teachings and card readings.

Three of the four points on the chart are my natals: Mars/IC/Jupiter, Saturn/Sun, and MC. Uranus in transit completes this kite. It has been in effect for a couple years now at varying strengths. It was destined/determined by the North Node transiting Leo, and solidified by Saturn’s transit in late Sagittarius. And now I feel it being energized by this current Mars transit, approaching my MC at 29° Sagittarius. It’s time for me to fly. 😍🙏

If you wish to support my work going forward, I am looking into Patreon options. Also, I have a PayPal account for donations: PayPal here.

Cheers to Three Years.

I almost forgot to acknowledge this date, February 20. It was three years ago I started this blog and my Facebook page to support it. It too was called By the Indigo Moon, like this blog. I added LLC to it last year when I obtained the status.

What a wild ride it has been the last three years. I had just lost my third job in this city due to my drinking problem. I ‘tried to quit’ but started drinking again in my binge patterns after 5 months. I had an ER visit and now have lifetime health issues due to irresponsible drinking. I lost two more jobs because of my drinking. I made the choice again Labor Day 2016 that I was done, at all costs. I haven’t had a job since then. I am on meds to help anxiety and PTSD, which I know now is the main trigger to me drinking. I was briefly off meds and relapsed once last summer. My new sober date is July 8, 2017.

Three years ago I started this blog because I wanted to write about my life, mixed with some astrology. I was soon inspired to start working with crystals, which led to Spiritual Medium classes and Reiki Mastership, and now I have my own business to make Reiki bracelets and read Oracles and Tarot.

I quickly became uninspired to write for a lot of reasons; looking back it was possibly my Neptune Square fogging over my direction. This is now finally complete. His next Retro will come very close, but it won’t exact again. It could also be that I was trying to take on the world, spreading my energy too thin. I find my head clearing. I am learning my boundaries and what I need to do moving forward.

Relapse to Realization.

*This is going to be kind of long.* 🙈

As you may know, I came to the realization over Labor Day weekend 2016 that I cannot drink anymore for medical reasons. For some time it was a battle. I stopped working and some days my entire focus was on staying sober. What you may not know (or maybe you do) is that I probably should have been on medication all this whole time, my whole adult life.

Like so many others, I drank so hard as a way to self-medicate. I believe I have undiagnosed anxiety issues. Misdiagnosed in my teenage years as bipolar. Wrongly medicated then, which is why I resisted meds for so long since. I had a drinking-related ER visit last summer. I finally followed up with my doctor in the spring. Long story short, I had an anxiety attack while I was there. They gave me some meds to try for my anxiety.

By the time summer came, things were very different, in all the best ways. The meds are so great for me. I don’t even care about drinking, as long as I stay away from it. I still cringe to go to the grocery store, past all the booze. Especially now with the gift boxes for Christmas. It really sucks that its such a part of society. Anyway… by the time summer came, I ran out of the three month’s prescriptions. I didn’t know what to do, so I just didn’t do anything. I felt like I was strong enough after ten months sober to try going off the meds. BAD IDEA.

My home is rather unique, and easy to party in. Summer means pool parties or lazy nights on the patio listening to the woods behind the house. I relapsed. After ten months. The disappointment on my husband’s face (again) was so hard. Not only that, the shame I felt because I sometimes tried to hype myself up as Ms. Sober. I had to swallow my pride and start over. I went back on my meds.

I turned 40 in August, and had a mostly fabulous trip to St. Pete Beach, Florida. Our future home. We took my best female friend and her mom with. Awesome times. One of my meds is once a day. The other is three times a day. Early on in the trip, I slacked on the second medication. I took it in the AM with the other but not the two doses the rest of the day. That caught up to me on Day Three. I wasted much of it crying on my balcony, wishing I could drink. I realized then that these meds are actually working miracles. I am truly thankful that I have found something and not bouncing medication to medication. I hate to talk about this because of the stigma attached, and also because again I am swallowing my pride. For so long I bucked medication because I was on the wrong medications. A few people have told me to not feel bad being on meds, that it’s a tool in a toolbox, so why not.

Fully full disclosure, I chose to have one drink, a martini, on the last night of our trip. I wanted one LAST drink, to salute our trip, my 30s, my 40s, and my little family that I have in my life away from my hometown. I thought long and hard about it, and prayed a lot. I asked for the strength for one and done. Not just that night, but the next day when we went back home and all the days after. One last drink. I did it, and so far I’m still successful. I wouldn’t have done it if I was in a bad mindset. I wanted to on my birthday but I knew it would have not been good. That was August 27, so at the time of this writing I am officially back over three months again now. I do take my meds faithfully. It took a relapse and a could have been another relapse to realize I am someone who benefits from mental health meds. Sometimes meditation, stones, positive thinking, etc. just aren’t enough.

Speaking of stones, being on the meds helps block the obsessive drinking thoughts, and allows me to focus on my true self. My most inner self and what makes me happy. I have founded my own company. My own brand, based on the name of this blog. By the Indigo Moon, LLC. Official. I already have orders, domestic and international. I never thought I could be an international jewelry designer. My intentions for my company are to make crystal healing bracelets for people, to help people heal with Reiki (I am a Reiki Master), to help people learn about crystal healing and astrology, and to help give them guidance and support via Tarot, Oracles, and just being awesome with memes. You can find me on social media at:

Facebook: By the Indigo Moon, LLC

Instagram: bytheindigomoonllc

FB group: By the Indigo Sun… This name is slightly different because it’s a closed group. I don’t want to take a chance of someone accidentally putting sensitive info on the public business page instead of the closed private group for discussion.

Thank you for reading. A long time, sober, friend of mine suggested it is my duty to talk about my relapse. So I write this for her. I write this for anyone who thinks they are strong enough to go back to casual drinking. If you can, good for you. I can’t. Maybe me telling my story helps someone realize they too cannot, and I can save them from the shame of relapse. It took me a relapse to realize.

If you like my works and would like to support, I have a PayPal.

Tarot Tutor: II – The High Priestess

II – The High Priestess/The Princess of Ixchel

The High Priestess is all about intuition. When she appears, it is time to go within. Be patient as hidden secrets can be revealed. Spirituality is heavily associated with this card. She typically wears a crucifix on her neck and some kind of Goddess headdress, most likely Isis inspired. Normally the card will feature two pillars, perhaps one darker than the other. This signifies the need to find balance. Darkness/light. Masculine/feminine. Peace/severity. It can be a time of creativity, of creating yourself. Opening to spirituality or a time of learning.

The Black Widow spider is the Animal Totem of The High Priestess. He lives a recluse life, active more at night. He minds his own web and just lives his own Divine life. The High Priestess is in tune with the Moon and Moonstone. The Divine Feminine. It can note a fertile time, whether a pregnancy or a project.

The people born with the Life Path number 2 fall under the watch of The High Priestess. They are creative, independent, and self-resourceful. Balance and harmony are extremely important to them. They are very perceptive to vibes.

If your Growth Symbol this year is #2 The High Priestess, this is a year of finding out who is who. It is advised to not marry in this year, as this will be a year of strong independence. You will find you have little tolerance for restrictions of any kind. It is possible to create a new identity this year, as balance and harmony become so important. You may find yourself withdrawing from disharmonious environments and people. 💚


Tarot Tutor: I – The Magician

I – The Magician/The Shaman

The Magician makes magic happen. The main keyword for The Magician is manifestation. Other words are energy, creativity, support, and communication. The Law of Attraction is very much associated with this card. He reminds us to believe in ourselves, and we can be the master of our own destiny.

All of the elements, Earth/Air/Fire/Water, are incorporated into this card somehow. Pentacles/Cups/Swords/Wands. Some representation of elements, to enhance the message that we have all we need to reach our full potential for all of eternity, as symbolized by the Figure 8 often found.

The Magician is associated with the planet Mercury. The astrological themes of Mercury and the 3rd house are consistently applied here. Communication/short trips/errands/commutes. When you see this card, you are encouraged to take action, as Mercury is our fastest-moving planet. You should be aware of the motives of other people, but communication, especially channelled, will be strong and effective. The Magician is seen as the master of time/space/cosmic energy. Mind over matter.

The Fox is the Animal Totem of The Magician. In the winter, food can be scarce. But the Fox stays still and listens… then pounces in an instant through the snow and captures his prey. He reminds us there is magic in the unseen. Labradorite will help to shield your aura. Placing it at your sacral chakra can magically boost your energy.

The Magician represents those whose Life Path number is 1. These people have very strong communication skills, and are likely to find jobs utilizing them in forms of media and publications, teaching, counseling, etc. What they say and what they do are often in lock step. They are known to have artful timing and clarity of speech. 💚


Tarot Tutor: 0 – The Fool

0 – The Fool/The Mad Minstrel

The Fool card is the first card of the deck, where it all begins. The main keyword(s) is New Beginning, or maybe a new journey. It could be seen as an ending, but only for the new beginning to come. Transforming, re-incarnating, starting over are all words associated with The Fool.

The Fool is consistently seen as a single (wo)man. A free spirit, with no regard for past/present/future. The principle of courage. Willing to leap into the unknown and start fresh. Always the student, never the master. Often times The Fool has a small bag of some kind, to suggest we have all we need for this journey. Perhaps a white rose is innocence symbolized, to say that intentions are pure. Some cards do include a companion of sorts. A dog, or a dolphin. Something steadfast and loyal, like our Spirit Guides. A blind trust; listen to your intuition.

The Fool is associated with the planet Uranus for the spontaneity factor. An unexpected opportunity could arise. Tourmaline will help keep you grounded and protected for this new adventure.

The Grasshopper is the Animal Totem for The Fool. The grasshopper uses his antennae as receptors of information so he can adjust his movements on the fly. When The Fool comes to you, look before you leap, then go with the flow. Take the proverbial leap of faith and follow your dreams.

Because the number 0 is not possible as a Life Path number, The Fool represents the number 22. The person with the Life Path number 22 needs variety in life. They are highly creative and very courageous. They appear fearless even when they may actually be pretty scared. Smart people, who may be drawn to mystical studies. They have an infectious sense of adventure and courage, and are filled with wonder and anticipation. 💚


Time for Tarot!


0-The FoolI-The MagicianII-The High Priestess

I have been interested in Tarot for some time. Like any other interest of mine, I have been teaching myself little by little. A lot of course is vibes-based, or an intuition thing, but there are some consistencies.

Over time I will be writing about each card. I want to take the time here to credit my sources. 💚